Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

milepost 30

match word to definition

wordsomething made of letters
visitora person who comes to see you
motoranother name for an engine
doctora person you see when you are sick
razorsomething used to shave
janitora person responsible for cleaning a building
mayora person who runs a city
are notmake up the contraction aren't
they'rethe contraction for they arei
can'tthe contraction for can not
do notmake up the contraction don't
did notmake up the contraction didn'tarc
staremeans to look at for a long time
haremeans a kind of rabbit
raremeans not common
fatheris a male parent
washa way of cleaning things
swampa wet area of land
voicewhat you use to speak
circusa place to see animal acts and clowns


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