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Review for test

impeachto put on trial
vetoto cancel or reject
legislative branchmakes the laws
executecarry out
executive branchcarries out the laws
judicialinterprets the laws
due processright to fair trial, also # 5 amendment
ratifyto pass
amendto change
electoral collegegroup of voters who elect a president
federalismdivision of power between the states and national government
checks and balancesmakes sure that not one branch becomes too powerful
separation of powersgives each branch certain duties
billan idea for a law
Articles of Confederationfirst constitution
reason for a constitutionwanted to limit the role of government
Anti-Federalistssupported strong state governments
Federalistssupported a strong National government
Great Compromisecreated an agreement between the large and small states to creat Congress
three-fifths compromisestated that slaves would be counted as 3/5 of population for representation
Bill of Rightsfirst 10 amendments
House of Representativespart of the Legislative Branch that is based on population
Senatepart of Legislative Branch that is based on equality
Preamblethe Introduction to the Constitution
The peoplehas the power of government
elastic clauseenables the Constitutution to bend in stretch in times of emergency
Judicial ReviewChecks to see if laws are constitutional
Supreme CourtThis group makes up the Judicial Branch
# of Senators from each state2
length of term for president4
number of Supreme Court justices9
amendment 1right to free speech, press, religion, assembly, petition
amendment 2right to bear arms
amendment 3no quartering of troops
amendment 4search and seizure
amendment 5due process
amendment 6right to a speedy trial
amendment 7right to a jury in a civil case
amendment 8no cruel and unusual punishment
amendment 9powers not listed belong to the people
amendment 10powers not listed belong to the states

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