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elements, compounds, solutions, mixtures and suspensions

elementsmade of one kind of atom
solutiona mixture that is evenly spread throughout
compounda substance that forms when two or more elements combine chemically
suspensiona special type of mixture where the lightest substance floats to the top, they do NOT mix
mixturecombination of elements or substances that does NOT have a chemical reaction
formulasymbols combined to represent the elements in a compound
moleculesmallest amount of a substance that still has all the characteristics of that substance
molecular compoundcompound where electrons are shared
ionic compoundcompound made of ions
ionatom that has lost or gained electrons
covalent bondsbonds found in molecular compounds
electronsnegatively charged particles in an atom
protonspositively charged particles in an atom
"happy atom"an atom with a full outer shell
electrovalencemeaning to give up an electron to become an ion

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