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Diversity of Living Things

Terms in Unit 2

diversityterm used to describe different characteristics in all living things
organismsliving things
adaptationsfeatures that enable organisms to survive and produce young
appendagesprotruding parts of an oraganism's body
camouflageadaptation that enables an organism to blend in with its environment
mimicryadaptation in which one organism gains protection by looking like another type of organism that predators avoid because of its undesirale smell, taste, or sting
Natural selectiontheory explaining how the characteristics of a species can change over many generations such that the species better suits the environment
endangered speciesa species that is near extinction and may not survive in the wild unless it is protected
extinctionthe dying out of a species
classifyto sort into groups
kingdomsthe major divisions of living things
vertebratesanimals that have internalskeletons with which to support themselves
vertebral columnthe backbone
invertebratesanimals without backbones
scientific namethe genus and species names of a living thing
life cyclethe series of developmental stages in an organism's life
metamorphosischanges that occur from the egg to the adult stage in insects and in many other animals

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