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Science Vocabulary #11 Matching

Science Terms

reflectionthe bouncing of light off an object
reviseto make changes
relativeto compare
relevanthow things are related
renewable resourcea resource that can be replaced as it is used
reproduceto make babies or to make a copy of something
resourcegoods or stuff, place to get things; industrial material supplied by nature, a substance used by an organism for survival
reusinguse over again
reverseto go in the opposite direction, to go back to the beginning
rotationthe spinning of an object on its axis
scientific investigationprocess in which scientific procedures are followed
seasonal cyclesthe change of seasons from fall to winter, winter to strping, and spring to summer due to the changing amount of direct sulight caused by the tilt of Earth's axis and its orbit around the sun
simple electrical circuitthe path along which electrons follow
simple physical changechanges in which no new substances are formed
relateto tell or make a connection between two things

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