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LET THERE BE LIGHT (or more exactly electromagnaetic waves).

This relates to McD,Littel Integrated Course 1 Section 3.1-3.4

ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVESA disturbance that transfers energy through a field.
RADIATIONThe transfer of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves.
ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUMThe range of all EM frequencies.
RADIO WAVESEM waves with the longest wavelenghts and lowest frequencies.
MICROWAVESEM waves with shorter wavelenghts and higher frequencies than radio waves.
VISIBLE LIGHTPart of the EM spectrum that human eyes can see.
INFRARED LIGHTPart of the EM spectrum spectrum with frequencies between microwaves and visible light.
ULTRAVIOLET LIGHTPart of the EM spectrum with frequencies above visible light and below those of x rays.
X RAYSPart of the EM spectrum with very high frequencies.
GAMMA RAYSPart of the EM spectrum with the highest frequencies.

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