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Metric Terms

The ability to make accurate and reliable measurements is an important tool in science.Today, most scientists and almost all countries around the world use the SI system.This allows scientists to share and to compare their observations and experimental results. The following terms will be used most often in your science classes,and these games will help you to learn them and have some fun!

kiloNumber value = 1,000 Symbol = " k "
hectoNumber Value = 100 Symbol = " h "
deka or decaNumber Value = 10 Symbol = " dk " or " da "
deciNumber Value = 0.1 Symbol = " d "
centiNumber Value = 0.01 Symbol = " c "
milliNumber Value = 0.001 Symbol = " m "
meterUsed to measure "length".Symbol (m).
literUsed to measure "volume" of liquids/irregular solids. Symbol ( L or l ).
grammeasures "mass". Symbol (g).
weightmeasure of the pull of "gravity on an object...CAN CHANGE DEPENDING ON WHERE THE OBJECT IS IN RELATION TO THE EARTH(or any other large body in the universe)...measured with a "scale".
lengtha measure of the distance between two points.Base word is "meter"(m)
volumemeasures the amount of "space" taken up or occupied...or how much a container can hold. V=LxWxH for "regular" solids..units are called "cubic units"...use metric ruler / Volume of liquids measured with a "graduated cylinder"..unit is "liter" (L or l).
massmeasures the amount of "matter" that makes up something- does NOT DEPEND ON THE PULL OF GRAVITY- does NOT CHANGE WITH A CHANGE IN A MATERIAL'S LOCATION. Measured on a "balance". Base word is "gram"(g).
water boils100 *C / 212*F
human body temperature37*C / 98.6*F
room temperature20*C / 68*F
water freezes0*C/ 32*F
areameasures how much "surface" an object has...A= LxW..units are called "square units"
Water displacementthe method used to find the "volume" of an "irregularly shaped obect" that could not easily be measured with a metric ruler.
meter stick/metric rulertool used to measure "length" in SI.
graduated cylindertool used to measure "liquid volume" in SI.
balancetool used to measure "mass" in SI.

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