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A review of terms found in Chapter 7 of Biology 6/e by S. Mader (McGraw-Hill).

C3 plantfixes carbon dioxide directly by Calvin cycle
C4 plantfixes carbon dioxide by forming a four carbon compound before being released to the Calvin cycle
Calvin cycleseries of reactions in plants that fixes carbon dioxide into organic molecules
carbon dioxide fixationbonding carbon dioxide into organic molecules
chlorophyllpigments that absorb visible light and excite electrons
chloroplasteukaryotic organelle in which photosynthesis occurs
electromagnetic spectrumdivision of light by wavelength
electron transport systempassage of electrons through a system of electron carriers from high energy to lower energy
granumstack of thylakoids
light-dependent reactionsphotophosphorylation
light-independent reactionscarbon fixation in Calvin cycle
photonpackage of solar energy
photorespirationbreakdown of RuBP into carbon dioxide; process consumes oxygen
photosynthesissynthesis of sugar and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water, using sunlight for energy
RuBPacceptor of carbon dioxide in the Calvin cycle
stromalarge fluid-filled central compartment of chloroplasts
thylakoidmembrane containing photosynthetic pigments and electron transport chain

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