Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

1. ConcavityThe state of being curved like the inner surface of a sphere
2. ColloquyA conversation, especially a formal one; A written dialogue
3. IndomitableIncapable of being overcome or subdued; unconquerable;unyielding
4. SummationThe act or process of adding; addition; total, summing up
5. Maraudera person who roves and raids in search of plunder; thief
6. AdduceTo cite as an example or means of proof in an argument
7. InscrutableDifficult to fathom or understand; impenetrable; mysterious; not easily understood
8. EquivocateTo avoid making an explicit statement
9. CallousEmotionally hardened; unfeeling
10. CynicalScornful of the motives, virtue, or integrity of others
11. IneffableIncapable of being expressed; indescribable or unspeakable
12. Animatethat which lives or breathes
13. IrrevocableImpossible to retract or revoke; irreversible
14. CovertlyNot openly practiced, engaged in, accumulated, or shown; secretly, underhandedly
15. Piththe center


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