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vocabulary terms

concavitya curve or inward slope, an indentation or depression, a hole
colloquya formal conversation or conference between two people, a dialogue
indomitableinvincible, unyielding, incapable of being overcome
summationa summing up, a summary, a totalling or tabulation
marauderone who roams around in search of plunder, a theif or bandit
adducedoffered as an argument, reason, or proof, cited
inscrutablenot readily comprehensible, mysterious, confusing
equivocateto use misleading language, to avoid giving a definite answer, to dodge
callousfeeling no emotion or sympathy, appathetic
cynicalbitter, unfriendly, hostile, unsocial, attitude + sarcasm = cynicism
ineffableincapable of being expressed in words, indescribable, unspeakable, incredible
animatethat which lives or breathes
irrevocableincapable of being revoked or recalled or undone, irreversable
covertlysecretly, underhandedly
piththe essential part, the center, the core


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