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english techniques


allegoryreligious story w/ deep meaning and symbolism
alliterationrepetion of beginning letter
allusionreference to something commonly known
ambiguitymultiple meanings
analogycomparison of two things
antagonistcharacter who creates conflict
chiarascurocontrast between light and dark
connotationimplied meaning of words
denotationliteral meanings
denouementend of story
dictionword choice
dynamic charactercharacter that experiences change
didacticdesigned to teach menalize
expostionthat which provided reader w/ background information
falling actionafter climaxaction that leads to denouement
rising action leading to climax
figurative languagewriting or speech not intended to canny literal meaning
character foilone character contrast another to bring out strenghs and weaknesses
foreshadowingsign of the future
hyperboleextreme exageration
imagerysensory details
ironycontrast of what is said and meant
metaphorcomparison of seeming unlike things
moodatmosphere created through setting
onomatopeiasound words BANG!!
oxymorontwo words contratict each other LITTLE GIANTS
paradoxself contradictory
personawriter takes on a voice which to speak
personificationEXAMPLE: dog Talks
point of viewhow things are being seen
omniscientall knowing
detachednot involved in story prvides all knowing sight
protagonisthostility being against
parableshort story w/ moral
vignettesdramatic sketch
prefaceintro to story
similetwo objects compared to w/ like or as
stereotypegeneral classification
static characterremains the same w/o any growth
symbolthat which represents or stands for something
thememain idea
tonemood of writing


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