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Unit 8 Group A

elan(n.) an enthusiastic vigor and liveliness, spirit; a flair
dissipate(v.) to cause to disappear; to scatter, dispel; to spend foolishly, squander; to be extravagant in pursuit of pleasure
disavow(v.) to deny responsibility for or connection with
conducive(adj.) tending to promote or assist, helpful, favorable
expurgate(v.) to remove objectionable passages or words from a written text; to cleanse, purify
dispassionate(adj.) impartial; calm, free from emotion
consternation(n.) dismay, confusion
dissension(n.) disagreement, sharp difference of opinion
bovine(adj.) resembling a cow or ox; sluggish, unresponsive
acrimonious(adj.) stinging, bitter in temper or tone
corpulent(adj.) fat; having a large, bulky body

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