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Ho Chi MinhVeitnamese communist leader
Robert Mc NamanaSecretary of Defense
Dovespeople against the war
Hawkspeople for the war
Eagene Mc CartyDemocratic presidant canidate
George WallaceGovenor of Alabama and presidant canidate
Richard NixonRepublican presidental nominee and former vice presidant
Henrey Kissingernatinal security advisor
John Glennthe first american to orbit the Earth
conterculturesocial movement whose values go against those of established
Kent State Universitystudents burned a military building here
Green Beretsa special military unti trained to fight guerrila wars
Executive Ordera rule issued by the Chief Executive
Berlin Wallthe wall used to seperate east and west Germany, went through the center of Berlin
Ngo Dinh DiemFrench-educated Vietnamese leader. 1955- gained control of government of South Vietnam
Domino Theorybelief that if one nation in Asia fell to the Communists, neighboring countries would follow
New Leftthe new ideas & protesets; activists who shared these same ideas
Pentagon Protest50,000+ people marched to the Defense Department in 1967 to protest
U.S.S. Puebloa navy spy ship cruising in international waters off the coast of Korea
Vietnam Veterans Memorialthe memorial at Washingotn D.C. names of all killed in Vietnam are on the memorial
Guerrila Warfarea hit-and-run technique used in fighting by small bands of warriors
Peace Corpsan organization to provide aid to countries in need
Bay of Pigs Invasionsite of 1961 invasion of Cuba by U.S.-trained Cuban exiles; Kennedy's first big blunder
coupa sudden overthrow of a government by a small group
Agent Orangea herbicide to improve visibility by spraying in Vietnam to clear forset & tall grasses
burning draft cardsa protest done by people that were against the war
J. William Fulbright debatea debate testifing about the mistakes in Vietman by J. William Fulbright
William WestmorelandAmerican comander in Vietnam
Robert Kennadyantiwar canidate for presidency and senator od New York
Richard J. DaleyChicago's mayor who feared vioence from dememstrators in Chicago fighting about the presidency
Tet OffensiveNorth Vietnamese/Vietcong launched a series of attackes.
VietnamiziationNixon's policy that called for South Vietnam to take a more active role in fighting the wra and for Americans to become less involved
Cambodiacountry in Southeastern Asia bordering Gulf of Siam; Ho Chi Minh Trail was attacked (it goes through Cambodia)
Cuban Missle CrisisA crisis where Cuba & Soviets had nuclear missles pointed straight at the U.S.
Kennedy's ban of nuclear testingsummer of 1963, Kennedy and the Soviet leader signed a treaty bannig these tests


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