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A list of Oceanography Terms.

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oceanographera scientist that studies the ocean
planktonanimals and plants that float at or near the ocean surface
nektonforms of ocean life that swim
benthosorganisms that live on the ocean floor
interidal zonecoastal region that lies between the high- and low-tide lines
neritic zonearea of the ocean that extends from the low-tide line to the edge of a continental shelf
bathyal zoneopen ocean zone that begins at an continental slope and extends to about 2000 meters
abyssal zoneopen ocean zone that begins at a depth of about 2000 meters and extends to about 6000 meters
cresthigh point of a wave
troughlowest point of a wave
wavelengthhorizontal distance between two consecutive crests or troughs
tsunamia giant sea wave produced by an earthquake
surface currentan ocean current caused mainly by wind patterns
deep currentan ocean current caused mainly by the differences in the density of water deep in the ocean
upwellingthe rising of deep, cold currents to the ocean surface

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