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Introduction to Medical Terminology test 2

These are the definitions . In book 1

radiographerone who takes radiographys, or x-rays
pneumoniacondition of lungs
chemistspecialist in chemicals
arteriolesmaller branches of arteries
pustulesmall abscess of the skin
pericardiummembrane around the heart
tachycardiaabnormally fast heartbeat
bradycardiaabnormally slow heartbeat
adenoidresembling a gland; enlarged glandular tissue located in the throat
adenoidsmore than one adenoid
adiposefull of fat
cardiacpertaining to the heart
congenitalpertaining to conditions present at birth
ventricularpertaining to ventricles of heart or brain
pulmonarypertaing to lungs
chronicpertaining to time
mucouspertaining to mucus
neuralgianerve pain
gastrodyniapain in the stomach
leukemiacancer of white blood cells
carcinogeniccancer forming
polyuriaexcessive urination
laryngitisimflammation of the larynx
chondromalaciasoftening of the cartilage
cardiomegalyenlargement of the heart
sarcomacancerous tumor of connective tissue
tuberculosisinfectious disease caused by abnormal condition Mycobacterium tuberculosis
myopathydisease of muscle tissue
leukopeniadeficient number of white blood cells
menorrheanormal menstrual flow
menorrhagiaexcessive menstrual flow
arteriosclerosishardening of the arteries
abdominocentesispuncture of abdominal cavity to remove fluid
tonsillectomysurgical removal of tonsils
mammographyx-ray photography of breasts
dialysisseparation of wste materials from blood
biopsyremoval of living tissue for examination
mammoplastysurgical repair of the breasts
arthroscopyvisual examination of the joints
tracheostomycutting an air/drainage opening to the trachea
lobotomysevering of nerve fibers in front love of the brain
apneawithout breath
analgesicdrug that relieves pain without affecting consciousness
abductormuscle that moves a part away from the midline
adductormuscle that moves a part toward the midline
anabolismprocess of converting nutrients to build body substances
anteversionabnormal tipping forward of the uterus
antibodyimmune body that fights foreign substances
autoimmuneproduction of antibodies against one's own tissues
bicepsmuscle formed form two divisions
contractiondrawing together
dehydrationlack of water
diarrhearapid discharge of fecal matter through intestine
dissectcut apart
dysfunctionabnormal function
ectopiclocated away from normal position
endometriummembrane lining the uterus
epidermisoutermost layer of skin
excisionremoval by cutting out
extrapulmonarynot connected with the lungs
hemilateralaffecting one side of the body
hypertensionpersistently high blood pressure
hypoglycemiaabnormally low level of sugar in the blood
incisioncutting into
infraclavicularbelow the clavicle
interosseousbetween two bones
intravenouswithin a vien
macronutrientnutrient with a large minimal daily requirement
metacarpalbones beyond the wrist
microscopeinstrument used to obtain large inmage of small objects
panhysterectomytotal hysterectomy
parametricnear the uterus
peritoneummembrane surrounding the abdominal and pelvic cavities
polydipsiaexcessive thirst
posttraumaticfollowing injury
prenatalbefore birth
prognosisforecast of probable outcome of disease and treatment
pseudoparalysisloss of muscular power without real paralysis
relapsesymptoms of disease returned
retrodisplacementbackward displacement
subcutaneousunder the skin
supraclavicularabove the clavicle
syndromegroups of symptoms that occur together
symbioticmutually reinforcing
transverseextending through a structure from side to side
tricepsmuscle formed from three divisions
ultrasonicbeyond the audible range
unilateralaffecting only one side
anesthesiologistadministers anesthetic agents prior to and during surgery
cardiologistdiagnoses and treats abnormalities, diseases, and disorders of the heart
chiropractorby means of manual manipulation, treats disorders originating from misalignment of the spinal vertebrae
dentistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of teeth and tissues of the oral cavity
dermatologistdiagnoses and treats disorders of the skin
endocrinologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and malfunctions of the glands of internal secretion
epidemiologistthe study of sudden outbreaks of disease, or epidemics, in a population group
gastroenterologistdiagnoses and treats disorders of the stomach and intestines
gerontologistdiagnoses and treats diseases, disorders, and problems associated with aging
gynecologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the femal reproductive system
hematologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the blood and blood-forming tissues
immunologiststudies the immune system;
allergistone who diagnoses and treats conditions of altered immunological reactivity
internistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the internal organs
neonatologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the kidneys
nephrologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the kidneys.
neurologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the nervous system
obstetricianprovides medical care to women during and immediately after pregnancy
oncologistdiagnoses and treats malignant disorders
ophthalmologistdiagnoses and trets diseases and disorders of the eye
optometristmeaures accuracy of vision and prescribes corrective lenses or eyeglasses
orthopedistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders involving the bones, joints, and muscles
osteopathicdiagnoses and treats health problems by manipulation, and also by traditional forms of treatment
otorhinolaryngologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, and throat
pathologistanalyzes tissue samples to confirm diagnosis and performs autopsies
pediatriciandiagnoses, treats, and prevents disorders and diseases of children; also, adolescent medicine serves patients between puberty and completion of physical growth.
podiatristdiagnoses, treats, and corrects disorders of the feet
proctologistdiagnoses and treats disorders of the anus and rectum
psychiatristdiagnoses and treats chemical dependencies, emotional problems, and mental illness; compare with psychologist , one who studies, evaluates,a nd treats emotional problems.
urologistdiagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the urinary ststem of females and the genitourinary sytstem of males

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