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GRE Words #2

More GRE words! :)

ailtrouble; be ill
alacrityeager and cheerful readiness
allegianceduty, support, loyalty
alleviatemake (pain) easier to bear
alloyto debase by mixing with something inferior
aloofreserved, indifferent
amalgamatemix, combine, unite societies
ambidextrousable to use the left hand or the right equally well
ambiguousdoubtful, uncertain
ambivalenthaving both of two contrary meanings
ameliorateimprove, make better
amortizeend (a debt) by setting aside money
amplifymake large or fuller, increase the strength
animositystrong dislike
annulput an end to
anticlimaxsudden fall
antidotemedicine used against a poison or a disease
antitheticaldirect oppposing
apartheidbrutal racial discrimination
apostateone who abandons long-held religious or political convictions
apotheosisdeification, glorification to godliness
appeasemake quiet or calm
benevolencewish or activity in doing good
benignkind and gentle; mild (climate)
bequestarrangement to give something at death
beratescold sharply
bereftrop or dispossess of something (material)
bewilderpuzzle, confuse
bigotstubborn, narrow-minded person
bilgebulge, the protuberance of a cask
blandishmentflattery, coaxing
blandnesspolite manner, comforting, uninteresting
blatantnoisy and rough
blithecheerful, casual, carefree
blueprintplan, scheme, photographic print
bluntplain, not troubling to be polite
bogglebe alarmed, hesitate, amazed
bogussham, counterfeit, not genuine
boisterousloud, noisy, rough, lacking restraint
bolstergive greatly needed support
boorishcrude, offensive, rude
braidsstrands of hair woven together, smth edging sloth or garments
brashhasty, rush; cheeky, saucy
brassyellow metal (mixing copper and zinc)
brazenmade of brass
breachopening, broken place, breaking
briskactive, lively
briskbreast of an animal
brittleeasily broken
broachbring up, announce, begin to talk about
brookto tolerate, endure
buoyantable to float; light-hearted
burgeongrow forth, send out buds
burnishto polish, rub to a shine
bustrun out of money
cabala scheme or plot, a group of plotters
cadgeto beg, to get by begging
calipersmetal supports attached to the legs, measuring instrument
calumniateto slander, present false accusal
calumnyslander, aspersion
candidfrank, straight-forward
canvassdiscuss thoroughly; sort of touting
capriciousfickle, whimsical, given to change, unpredictable
castigateto chastise, correct by punishing
castigationsevere punishment
casualhappening by chance, careless
catalystsubstance that causes speeding up
causticbiting, sarcastic
censureexpression of blame or disapproval; a rebuke
censusofficial counting of the population
centurionleader of a unit of 100 soldiers
charycautious, wary
chastenedcorrected, punished
chauvinista blindly devoted patriot
chiselsteel tool for shaping materials
churlbad-tempered person
citegive as an example
clamourshout, complain with a lot of noise
cleansemake pure, thoroughly clean
cling toresist separation
clothalf-solid lump formed liquid
clotureclosing, device (in Parlament) to end a debate by voting
coalescingcoming together and uniting into one sunstance
coaxget somebody to do something by kindness
coddletreat with care and tendernes
corececompel, force to make obedient
coevalof the same period, coexisting
cogentstrong, convincing
cogitatethink deeply, meditate
cognitionknowing, awareness (emotionless)
cognizantbeign fully aware of
coherentsticking together
colanderbowl-shaped vessel with many holes used to drain off water

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