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Get to know different types of numbers and others related terms.

Natural NumbersAny encountered number that arises while counting
Whole NumbersAny encountered number that arises while counting and 0
IntegersAny number that has no digits after the decimal point and is either positive or negative
Rational NumbersAny whole number, integer, fraction, or decimal number that terminates or repeats
Irrational NumbersAny decimal number that does not seem to terminate or repeat
AdditionThe process of combining two or more numbers to form a total
SubtractionThe process of an amount from a numbers to get a smaller total
MultiplicationThe process of increasing a specific of times
DivisionThe process of decreasing a specific amount of times
SquareTo multiply by the exponent 2
Square RootUsed to find number will multiply by itself to equal your initial number
ReciprocalTo reverse the numerator and denominator of a fraction
EstimateAn approximate answer determined through mental calculations
Order of OperationsThe order in which all mathematical equations should be performed
BEDMASAn acronym for the order of operations
MeanThe average of a set of numbers
MedianThe number which, when set in numerical order, appears in the middle of a set of numbers
ModeThe number which most often arises in a set of numbers

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