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Unit 10 Group B

provocative(adj.) tending to produce a strong feeling or response; arousing desire or appetite; irritating, annoying; (n.) something that provokes or stimulates
sedentary(adj.) characterized by or calling for continued sitting; remaining in one place
imperious(adj.) overbearing, arrogant; seeking to dominate; pressing, compelling
gratuitous(adj.) freely given; not called for by circumstances; unwarranted
procrastinate(v.) to delay, put off until later
recondite(adj.)exceeding ordinary knowledge and understanding, profound, abstruse
munificent(adj.) extremely generous, lavish
inimical(adj.) unfriendly, hostile; harmful, unfavorable
motley(adj.) showing great diversity or variety; composed of different elements or many colors; (n.) a multicolored wollen fabric; a jester's costume; a jester; a mixture of odd elements
invective(n.) a strong denunciation or condemnation; abusive language; (adj.) abusive, vituperative
reprobate(n.) a depraved, vicious, or unprincipled person, scoundrel; (adj.) wicked, corrupt, or unprincipled; (v.) to disapprove of, condemn

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