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Environmental Science Vocabulary

acid rainrain that has acids from pollution and that harms living things
biodegradablesomething that is able to be broken down, or decomposed
conservationsaving and wise use of natural resources
fossil fuelsfuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas that formed millions of years ago
global warmingan increase in the Earth's average temperature
greenhouse effecttrapping of the sun's heat in Earth's atmosphere by carbon dioxide and other gases
natural resourcematerial from Earth that people use
nonrenewable resourcenatural resource that cannot be replaced once it is used up like coal
ozonegas that is a form of oxygen; it forms a protective layer high in Earth's atmosphere, but it can be a pollutant if near the surface
pollutantharmful substance in the air, land, or water
pollutiondamage done to the environment by the addition of pollutants
recycleto treat or change waste so that it can be used again
renewable resourcenatural resource that can be replaced as it is used such as wind power
smoga result of air pollution caused by exhaust gases reacting with sunlight

Team 6-1 Science
John Sevier Middle School
Kingsport, TN

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