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Swarthyadj, having darkish skin
Discreetlyadj, in a polite way, tackfully
Assidouslyadj, in a stedy & hardworking way
Virtousadj, morley good, honerable
rehibiltateV, to restore usfull life as through therapy & education
compulsoryadj, that witch must be done, required
BalkV. to refuse to move or act
eminentadj, better than most others, very famous
retrebutionn. punishment for bad behavor
elusiveadj, escaping from capture as by daring, cleverness
unobtrusivlyadj, om a way that attracts little or no attenchion
unpresivedadj, not seen
famboyantadj, given to showy flashey disply
vigorn, physcal or mental stringth, entergy ro force
apathnyn, lack of strong felling or interest
saunterv. to walk abo slowly


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