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American Revolution

A list of important terms events and people covering the period of 1754-1783 in American History

French-Indian War1754-1763. Gave British control of Canada and all land east of the Mississippi River.
Proclamation of 1763British treaty with Indians forbidding settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains
Stamp ActPassed by Parliament, required a stamp on all legal documents
Navigation ActsRestricted shipping into colonies, required colonies to trade primarily with England
Stamp Act CongressCalled by colonies to protest British policies
Daniel BooneFound passage through Cumberland Gap opening Kentucky and Ohio to settlement by colonists
Townshend ActsSeries of taxes placed on the colonies in an effort to raise money for the Crown
Boston Massacre1770 incident in which five colonials were killed by British soldiers
John AdamsBoston lawyer and leader of the Independence movement
minutemencolonial militia ready to fight against the British
Boston Tea Partycarried out in response to British policies requiiring the colonies to buy tea from the British.
Intolerable ActsSeries of acts carried out by Parliament to punish Massachusetts for its resistance to British policies
Continental CongressMeeting of representatives from the colonies in response to British actions
Lexington1st battle of the Revolution occured when the British attempted to arrest leaders of the Revolution
Olive Branch PetitionDocument drawn up by the Continental Congress asking the King to address the problems in the colonies and stop the fighting.
George WashingtonFrench-Indian War veteran, he was chosen to lead the Colonial army
Declaration of Independencesigned in 1776, it was the formal breaking away of the colonies from Britain

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