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Chapter 6 (Sections 3-5) Grade 7

acida substance that tastes sour, reacts with metals and carbonates, and turns blue litmus red
indicatora compound that changes color when in contact with an acid or a base
hydrogen iona positively charged ion (H+) formed of a hydrogen atom that has lost its electron
hydroxide iona negatively charged ion (OH -) made of oxygen and hydrogen
acid rainrain water that is more acidic than normal rain water
basea substance that tastes bitter, feels slippery, and turns red litmus blue
digestionthe process that breaks down complex molecules of food into smaller molecules
chemical digestionthe process that changes large food molecules into smaller molecules
mechanical digestionthe physical process that tears, grinds, and mashes large food particles into smaller ones
neutralizationa reaction between an acid and a base
saltan ionic compound that can form from the neutralization
pH scalea range of values from 0 - 14 that expresses the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution

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