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India Sutdy Notes

Terms and people from our first unit this semester

Muslimspeople of the Islam religoin who set up the Dehli Sultinate
SaddhusHindu holy men
Tamerlanesacked Dehli in the 14th century and was a Muslim
Buddhathe enlightened one
Viasyasthe landowning artisans class
Brahmanthe single psiritual power in all things
AkbarMuslim ruler who encourages toleration
Vishnuthe perserver Hindu God
Pariahsthe untouchables or outcastes
Chandragupta Mauryafounder of the first Indian Empire
Golden Ageunder the Guptas in 250-500, had great new learning and building
Stupamade by the Guptas, was a large dome shaped shrines that housed the sacred remains of the Buddha or other holy people
Marya Empirefirst to unite India, rule was harsh but effective
Dravidianspeoples of the Deccan, all with different languages and cultures
Caste systemdivided the people into classes and couldnt move from one class to another, you stayed in the one you were born to, ruled your life
joint familybasic unit, the parents and grnadparents, aunts and uncles
atmanessential self that every person has
nirvanarelease from the cycle adn the ultimate goal
Shivathe destroyer
Mahayana adn Theravadam is easier, and t follows Buddha's original teachings more closely

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