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7th Grade Vocab - word roots 1

constructto form by putting together parts
destructionthe act of destroying; a state of damage
infrastructureunderlying framework of a system
obstructionan obstacle or something put up against something else
reconstructionto act of putting back together
contractionact of drawing together or shrinking
extractionprocess of withdrawing, pulling out
retractto draw or pull back
convinceto persuade by argument or evidence
invincibleunbeatable; impossible to overcome
commotionthe scene of noisy confusion or activity
immobilemotionless; unable to move
mobilityrelating to the quality of being able to move
promotionan advancement in rank or position
removableable to be taken or carried away
abbreviateto shorten
brevityquality of being brief; shortness in time
accessibleeasily entered, approached, or obtained
proceedto go forward, especially after stopping
secedeto formally break away from

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