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Final Exam People to know 2

Charlemagnecrowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD
ClovisFrankish chieftain whose conversion to Christianity started a trend
Ferdinand & IsabellaSpanish monarchs who wanted to promote religious unity
Innocent IIIinstigated 3rd crusade & Albigensian Crusade
Mikhael Romanovappointed czar after the “Time of Troubles”; his descendents ruled until 1917
Abbassidsdynasty of caliphs who ruled from Bagdad
JustinianEastern Roman Emperor famous for his law code
Charles Martel“the Hammer” defeated the Muslims & prevented take over of Europe
Shah Abbasgreatest Saffavid ruler
St. DominicSpanish holy man who founded an order devoted to teaching
St. Thomas Aquinashis Summa Theologia reconciled Christian doctrine with philosophy
Akbargreatest ruler of the Mughal Empire in India
Suleimangreatest Ottoman ruler
Umayyidsdynasty of Sunni caliphs who ruled from Damascus
AvicennaMuslim physician noted for his work on diseases
TheodosiusEastern Roman Emperor re-united empire; made Christianity state religion of Rome
Saffavidsruled over Persia as rivals to the Ottoman empire; were Shiite
al-KhawarizmiMuslim inventor of algebra & author of astronomic tables
TamerlameMongol invader of India, Persia and beyond
Cyril & MethodiusOrthodox missionaries who invented an alphabet for Slavic languages
Nanakfounder of Sikhism
St. Benedicthis “rule” became the standard for monastic communities across Europe
Golden HordeMongol invaders of Russia
St. FrancisItalian holy man whose friars lived simply & spread the message of Jesus through example

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