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Unit 8 Literature Vocabulary

Practice vocabulary and literary terms and their meanings.

cowercrouch or shrink in fear
dictionword choice
punplay on words
ellipticalleaving out nonessential details
allusivemaking reference to people, events, objects, or works from history or literature
syntaxpattern or arrangement of words in a statement
elegypiece of writing that remembers or praises someone who has died
dilatebecome larger or wider
validsound or just
trivialitysomething insignificant
paradoxcontradictory statement, idea, or event
palpableeasily perceived; obvious; clear
pantomimegesture without speech
inflectionchange in pitch or tone of voice
lucideasily understood
euphonyeffect to the ear
anecdotebrief story, usually with a moral or point
pathetic fallacyattributing nature with human feelings
apparitionghostly appearance of a person or thing
lingerremain longer than usual
assertdeclare; affirm
etheriserender groggy or numb
tediouslong and tiresome
presumetake upon oneself; dare
formulatedsystematical; precise
digressdeviate from the main topic
malingerpretend illness
obtuseslow to understand; insensitive
harrypush along; hurry forcefully

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