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Rocks and Minerals - Mrs. Henderson

Minerals are inorganic, meaning...they were not at any time part of living things
The hardest mineral on the Mohs hardness scalediamond
The softest mineral on the Mohs hardness scaletalc
Minerals can be scratched by minerals with a _______ number on the Mohs hardness scalehigher
A mineral can scratch all minerals with a ________ number on the Mohs hardness scalelower
Minerals who break along flat surfaces are said to havecleavage
Minerals who do NOT split along flat surfaces are said to havefracture
A ________ is formed by repeating patterns of a mineral's particlescrystal
Metamorphic rock is formed byheat and pressure
Where is metamorphic rock formed?deep underground
Igneous rock is formed bycooling magma or lava
Igneous rock formed by magma isinstrusive rock
Igneous rock formed by lava isextrusive rock
Molten rock beneath the surface is known asmagma
Molten rock that has erupted onto the surface islava
When magma cools very slowly, it forms this type of crystalslarge
Lava that cools quickly forms this type of crystalssmall or glassy
A rock with grains that are large and easy to seecoarse grained
A rock with grains that are small and may only be seen with a microscopefine grained
The most abundant intrusive rock in the continental crustgranite
The most abundant extrusive rock.basalt
Carrying away of rock fragments by water, wind or iceerosion
When sediment settles out of moving waterdeposition
when layer after layer of sediment is deposited, and the weight of the layers presses them togethercompaction
when dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment togethercementation
The color of a mineral when rubbed against unglazed tilestreak
the metallic shine of some mineralsluster
When 2 or more elements are chemically combined, they form a...compound
A rock that has grains arranged in parallel layers is...foliated
A rock with no parallel bands is...nonfoliated
Limestone and sandstone in the bedrock is evidence an area was once...under a sea
Where is sedimentary rock formed?on Earth's surface
Rock that is very dense and foliated is likely what type of rock?metamorphic
Why might metamorphic rock be more dense than sedimentary rock?It has been pressed together by intense heat and pressure

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