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7th Grade Vocab - word roots 2

cognitionprocess of acquiring knowledge
recognizeto identify someone or something seen before
determinationan intent to reach a goal
exterminateto destroy of get rid of completely
terminalrelated to something leading to the end or to death
circumscribeto draw around; to encircle
describeto represent with words or pictures
postscriptan addition to an already completed letter, article or book
inscriptionan engraving on a coin or other object
prescriptiona written order for medicine
juvenileyouthful or childish; immature
rejuvenateto bring back to youthful strength or appearance
circumventto go around; to bypass restrictions
conventiona gathering or assembly of people with common interest
interveneto come between; to intercede
counteractto act directly against; to prevent from affecting
interactioncommunication between two or more things
reactiona response
audiencea group of listeners or spectators
inaudibleunable to be heard

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