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Hard Words Review

disingenuousnot telling the whole truth
incongruouslacking in harmony
sanctimonyfalse show of righteousness
peremptorynot allowing refusal
untenableincapable of being defended
satiricalhumorously critical, using sarcasm
juggernautan overwhelming, advancing force
penchanta strong liking
equanimitycalmness; composure
repleteplentiful, abounding
dillettantea lover of the fine arts
benedictiona blessing or expression of good wishes
myriadreferring to a large indefinite number
maudlinoverly sentimental
salubriousfavorable to good health
grandiloquencea pompous, self-important manner
gamutthe complete range of something
impendto threaten to happen
debilitateto sap the energy or strength
dourmarked by harshness, sternness, or ill temper
kowtowto show servant-like submission-to bow the head
reprehensibledeserving of blame
corpusclean unattached body cell
incorporeallacking physical substance
stultifyto make useless or ineffective
ebulliencezestful; exuberant
dictuman authoritative pronouncement
elocutionthe art of public speaking
ubiquitousseeming to be everywhere at once
obviateto make unnecessary; to prevent
undulatewavelike motion
deploreto condemn
equivocateto use evasive language to mislead
conundruman unsolveable problem
tenaciousholding stubbornly to something
stentorianextremely loud

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