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Water-Science-3rd Grade

Chapter 1- Water

natural resourcea useful material from the earth
liquidstate of matter--no definite shape but takes up a definite amount of space
solidstate of matter--has a definite shapte and takes up a definite amount of space
gasa state of matter-- no definite shape and no definite amount of space
evaporatewhen liquid water changes into a gas
water vaporwhen water is a gas
condensewhen water vapor changes from a gas to a liquid
water cyclethe path water follows as it evaporates into the air--condenses into clouds and returns to the Earth as rain
Desalinationprocess by which salt is removed from ocean water
surface watersource of water that already exists on land--lake --river
reservoirplace behind a dam where water collects
ground waterwater that soaks into the ground and fills the spaces between soil and rocks
aquiferunderground layer of rock where ground water collects

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