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Vocabulary 4 - 6 Review

charitykindness or tolerance in judging others
cherishto hold in the mind
emergeto become visible
gauntvery thin and bony
malicethe wish to harm, injure, or cause pain to another
omena sign of something good or bad
perishto pass from existence
shrouda cloth used to wrap a body for burial
subsideto sink to a lower level
bedlama place or uproar and confusion
boycottan organized refusal to do business with a person or group
herculeanrequiring great strength or exertion
maudlinexcessively sentimental
maverickan unbranded animal
mentora wise and trusted advisor or teacher
mesmerizeto spellbind; fascinate
nemesissomething that causes one's defeat or failure
procrusteanexhibiting ruthless disregard for individual differences
quixotictoo romantically idealistic
agnostica person who believes that the existence of God is unknowable
cognomena nickname
diagnoseto analyze the cause and nature of a problem
docileeasily taught, trained or managed
doctrinaireadhering inflexibly to a practice or theory
incognitowith one's identity disguised
indoctrinateto teach a particular belief or principle
orthodoxconforming to traditional beliefs
paradoxa statement that seems to be contradictory, but may be true

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