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4.10- 4.12 Measurement Match

A recipe calls for 25 grams of sugar. This amount is closest to-1 ounce
Which unit would most often be used to determine the mass of one piece of notebook paper?gram
Elliot grew the largest pumpkin in town. What unit would he most likely use to measure the weight of the pumpkin?pounds
Estimate the weight of a pear.4 ounces
Lakeisha put 1 inch of water in the bottom of a pot. What is closest to 1 inch?2.5 centimeters
Mrs. Garcia’s scarf is 1 meter wide. About how many yards is this?1 yard
Macy used 1 quart of milk to make pudding. What is closest to this amount?1 liter
Alfonso used 1 liter of chicken broth to make her special rice dish. The amount of chicken broth is closest to__1 quart
Michael Jordan’s sister is 6 feet tall. What measurement is equivalent to 6 feet?2 yards
M' Diddy bought a 2-liter bottle of juice. What is closest to this amount?2 quarts
Mommy Sue bought four 1-liter bottles of soda. What is closest to this amount?1 gallon

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