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History People

John Adamsminister to London
John Adams1st vice president to the United States
George Washington1st president to the United States
George Washingtonset an example for other presidents
William Patersonpresent at the Constitutional Convention (NJ)
William Patersoncountered the VA Plan by the NJ Plan
John Hancockstate leader of Mass. who opposed the constitution
John Hancockproposed that 9 admendments be added to protect citizens
Edmund Randolphwas in a constitutional convention at Philly in Independence Hall on May 14, 1787
Edmund Randolphsubmitted the VA Plan which was a revision of the Articles of Confederation
Alexander Hamiltonpresent at the Constitutional Convention
Alexander Hamiltonwanted states abolish in favor of strong gov't ( head of federalist party)
Alexander Hamiltonwhen Washington was Pres. he was Secretary of Treasurery
James Madisonpresent at the Constitutional Convention
James Madisonhelped with the VA Plan
John JaySecretary of Foreign Affairs
John Jayin 1785 congress authorized him to open negotiations with Spain
Anthony Waynewent to Ohio Valley with army to settle the conflict with the Indians
Anthony Wayneencountered Indians at Fallen Timbers and defeated them
Anthony WayneTreaty of Greenville
Alexander Hamiltonbelieved Industry would help get USA out of the hole
Alexander Hamilton1st report on the Public Credit, National Bank, and Manufactures
Daniel ShaysShay's Rebellion
Timothy Pickeringin 1790 he was appointed as federal agent to threat with the Iroquois Indians
Timothy Pickeringwas postmaster general in Wahington's cabinet
George Washingtonapproved Hamilton's Bill
George Washingtonissued a proclamation of neutrality
Charles Pickney, John Marshall, Elbridge Gerrycommissioners to settle with the French
Charles Pickney, John Marshall, Elbridge GerryTalleyrand's "proposal" for money (XYZ)
Charles TallyrandFrench foreign minister who met the US Commissioners
Charles Tallyrandturned them ocer to 3 of his agents (XYZ) speed up negotiations
John Jay1st chief justice of the Supreme Court
John Jaysent to England in hopes to settle the conflict
John Jaymade the Jay Treaty
"Citizen" Edmond GenetFrench; went to America in hopes to gain aid
"Citizen" Edmond Genetmade a plan to make the US a base for operationss against Britain and Spain
"Citizen" Edmond Genetdemanded Washington to do something about Frech aid and he embarrases the US gov't
Thomas JeffersonSec. of State (resigned in 1793)
Thomas Jeffersonagainst Hamilton's proposals
Thomas Jeffersonheaded the anti-federalist party
Thomas Jeffersonlost for presidentry election in 196, but became Vice Pres.
James Madisonleader in the House of Represenitives
James Madisonattacked Hamiton's Bank Bill

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