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parallel linescoplanar, non-intersecting
skew linesnon-coplanar, non-inter.
if p then qconditional
perpendicular lineslines that form a rt. ang
obliqueintersecting lines, not per.
postulatestatement you accept
theoremstatement you prove
midpoint formulaave. of x, ave. of y
slope formulachange in y/change in x
complementary angles2 angles, sum of m = 90
right angleangle, m = 90
linear pairsadj. angles, ext sides form a line
supplementary angles2 angles, sum of m = 180
perpendicular pairsangles, ext sides lie in perp.lines
acute angleangle, m is < 90
obtuse angleangle, 90 < x < 180
linear pairs postulatelinear pairs of angles are supp.
perpendicular pairs postulateperp. pairs of angles are comp.
contrapositveif not q then not p
inverseif not p then not q

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