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CELLS-Organelles and Organization

NucleusA cell's activities are controlled by this.
ChloroplastThe chlorophyll in a ______ gives a plant its green color.
Cell WallA plant cell is different from an animal cell because it has a ______ outside the cell membrane.
ChlorophyllIn plants, sun energy is converted to food by the ______.
OrganellesThe tiny, specialized parts of a cell that carry out life procsses are called _______.
The CellThe basic unit of structure and function for all living things is the _____.
CytoplasmThe jelly-like living material in the cell, excluding the nucleus is called ______.
TissueSpecialized cells organized to perform a certain job are called ______.
OrganA group of tissues the works together to do a certain job is called an ______.
Cell MembraneThe thin outer covering or the ________, controls what enters and exits the cells.
Organ SystemOrgans that wok together to do a job.
MitochondriaThe powerhouse for the cell.
Endoplasmic Reticulum - ERUsed in cells to transport materials from one place to another, Like roads in a city.
LysosomesBreak down large food molecules into smaller ones. the garbage collectors of the cells.
VacuolesFluid filled sacs that float in the cytoplasm. They store water, food materials, and help cells get rid of wastes.

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