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Digestion Quiz


cuspids4 of them, tearing
uvulablocks nose passage when swallowing
bileemulsifies fat
bolusball of chewed up food
gall bladderstores bile
livermakes bile
rugaelining of stomach
trypsinenzyme that breaks down protein
duodenumfirst 6 inches of small intestine
large intestinewhere water is reabsorbed
esophagustube leading from mouth to stomach
gastric juicemixture of pepsin and HCl
enterogastroneslows down peristalsis
peristalsiswave-like contractions of digestive tract
choleocystokinincauses bile to be released
amylaseenzyme breaking down starch
villiabsorbs nutrients into the blood
lipaseenzyme breaking down fat
bicuspids8 of them, crushing
molars12 of them, grinding

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