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Animal Kingdom

Systems found in organisms of the animal kingdom

digestive systemorgans that work together to take food into the body and break it down into bits that are small enough to pass through a cell membrane
circlatory systemorgans that work together to carry food and oxygen to9 all the cells of the organism
excretory systemorgans that work together to remove excess water and waste products from the organism
nervous systemseries of cells or branched networks which detect and respond to stimuli in the environment, control and coordinates body movement and body processes
muscular systemseries of cells which are responsible for body movement
reproductive systemseries of cells or organs that produce eggs and sperm and ocntain the developing embryo
skeletal systemseries of calcium structures within the animal which work together to provide support for the body
respiratory systemorgans that are responsible for gas exchange
digestive organsmouth, stomach, esophagus, intestine, anus
circulatory organsheart, arteries, veins capillaries
excretory organscells, veins, kidneys, skin
nervous organsbrain, spinal cord, nerve cells, ganglia, sense organs
muscular organsmuscle tissue, or cells
reproductive organstestes, ovaries, uterus
skeletal organsbones, cartilage, ligaments, chitin
invertebratesanimals without a backbone
vertebratesanimals with a backbone


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