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Vocabulary Unit 4

Vocabulary Workshop Level B

alliancen.a joining together
bewilderv. to puzzle
buffoonn. a clown, a coarse stupid person
controversialadj. arousing argument
disheartenv. to discourage
fruitlessadj. not producing desired results
hostileadj. unfriendly, aggressive
inflammableadj. easily set on fire; easily angered
inflictv. to give or cause something unpleasant; impose
malignantadj. deadly, extremely harmful
mortifyv. to hurt someone's feelings deeply; to cause humiliation
orthhodoxadj. in agreetment with established beliefs or ways of doing something
procurev. to obtain through special effort
scurryv. to run quickly, scamper
soddenadj. soaked with liquid or moisture; dull, spiritless
spiritedadj. full of life; vigor; courageous
virtualadj. having a certain force or effect in fact but not in name; so close as to be equal to the real thing
voidadj. completely empty; having no legal force
waywardadj. disobedient; willful; unpredictable
wincev. to draw back suddenly as though in pain

Ms. Nelson

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