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5th grade health.

accidentunexpected event tht can cause someone to be hurt.
acidsstrong substances on teeth that can eat away enamel.
air pollutionharmful matter in air.
air sacstiny, hollow, round pockets in the lungs.
Al-Anonprogram offered by Alcoholics Anonymous for the families and friends of alcoholics
Alateenprogram offered by Alcoholics Anonymous for the children of alcoholics.
alcoholdrug found in drinks such as beer, wine, and whiskey.
alcoholicspeople who find it difficult or impossible to control the amount of alcohol they drink,
Alcoholics Anonymousprogram that brings together people with alcohol problems.
alcoholismdisease that involves the inability of a person to stop abusing alcohol.
antibioticmedicine that kills certain types of microorganisms inside the body.
antibodiessubstances made by white blood cells that help the body fight a certain disease.
antisepticmedicine that kills microogrganisms outside the body.
anvilone of three small bones behind the eardrum.
archarea in the middle of the foot that helps to make a person's footsteps springy.
archtype of fingerprint.
arteriesblood vessels tht carry blood away from the heart.
auditory canaltube that carries sound waves from the ear flap deeper inside the ear.
auditory nervesensory nerve that carries messages about sound to the brain.
bacteriamicroorganisms that live in air, soil, water, plants, animals, and people
balanced dietfoods a person eats that gives him or her the right amounts of the different nutrients.
baldloss of hair on the head that happens when hair stops growing
ball and socket jointstype of movable joint that lets the bones move around in a circle
bicepsbig muscle in the upeer arm that bends the elbow.
bicuspidsteeth in the back of the mouth that have two points
biledigestive juice made by the liver and stored in the gall bladder
bloodliquid that moves nutrients, oxygen, and wastes from place to place inside the body.
blood pressurethe blood must push to move through arteries.
blood vesselstiny tubes that carry blood through the body
body systemseveral organs working togther in the body
brainone of the three main parts of the nervous system
brain stempart of the brain that is closet to the neck and connects to the spinal cord
bread and cereal groupfood group that gives the body carbohydrates.
bronchial tubestwo tubes that branch out form the trachea, one entering each lung
cancerdisease caused by cells growing wildly.
capillariesblood vessels that connect arteries and veins
carbohydratesnutrients that give the body energy
carbon dioxidewaste gas that cells make as they work
carbon monoxidegas in cigarette smoke
cardiac muscletype of muscle tissue that has striped fivers but looks and works like smooth muscle; also called heart muscle.
cartilagetough, stiff tissue found in the ear flap and in the skeletal system
cavityhole worn in a tooth by acids made when micororganisms in the mouth mix with sugar.
cell divisionprocess in which one cell divides or splits in two.
cellssmallest living parts of the body
cerebellummiddle part of the brain, near the back of the head
cerebral cortexouter layer of the cerebrum
cerebrumlargest part of the brain
chlorinechemical, added to water, which kills mcroorganisms
chronic bronchitisdisease, caused mainly by tar, which makes a person cough hard much of the time
chymethick liquid that food becomes in the stomach
ciliatiny hairlike parts that line the trachea and bronchial tubes and brush mucus up toward the throat.
circulatory systembody system that carries what cells need and what cells need to get rid of, from one part of the body to another
cirrhosisliver disease that can be caused by long and heavy use of alcohol.
clot thickening of blood in a cut that makes a scab.
cochleasnail-shaped hollow in the skull that is part of the inner ear.
communicable diseasesdiseases that can be passed form one person to another
compact bonehard outer layer of a bone
compromisesolution that two people who are having a disagreement both can accept
conescone-shaped cells i the retina that sense color.
conserveto keep materials from being used up.

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