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Amazon Riverthe world’s second longest river, located in the northern half of South America
Amazon rain forestthe largest rainforest on Earth
Pantanalthe world’s largest wetland, located in South America
Andes Mountainsthe world’s longest mountain chain, located in western South America
Altiplanoa region of plateaus and plains in the Andes
Lake Titicacaa lake in the Altiplano in South America
Guiana Highlandsa land of vast tropical forest in northern South America
Pampasa vast grassland in the southern plains of South America
wetlandland that is covered with moist soil
biomea place that has a distinct climate, plants, and animals
scrub landan area of low growing vegetation
archipelagoa close group of islands
Moche Valleythe home of the Mochica people
Chavinan ancient city in southern South America; home to the Chavin people
Perua dry, rough country in western South America
Francisco PizarroC 1478-1541 Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incas
quipuA knotted rope used by the Incas to keep records
Manco CapacFounder of the Incan dynasty who led the Inca to settle in Cuzuo (c. 1200 A.D.)
Pacacutidefeated the Chancas
Topa Incason of Pacacuti, became emperor in 1471, nearly doubled the size of the Inca Empire

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