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goes over the old testament and new testament

MatthewDate: 70-90; Author: Jewish convert to Christianity; Content: Jesus= Messiah and Lawgiver
MarkDate: 65-70; Author: disciple of Peter; Content: Jesus Christ= Suffering Servant
LukeDate: 70-90; Author: Gentile convert to Christianity; Content: Jesus Christ= Universal Messiah
ActsDate: 70-90; Author: Gentile convert to Christianity; Content: Sequel to the gospel of Luke; Spirit-led church spreads from Jerusalem to Rome
JohnDate: 90-100; Author: possibly a disciple of John the apostle; Content: Jesus= Son of God and Word of God
1 ThessaloniansChristians who already died will share in the Lord's second coming
2 ThessaloniansWorld is not to end yet; continue to work
GalatiansGentile converts don't have to follow Jewish laws and customs
1 CorinthiansPractical problems such as the Eucharist and resurrection treated
2 CorinthiansDefense of Paul's apostleship and authority against false teachers
RomansAn introduction of Paul and his message: many consider this his greatest letter
PhilippiansThanks them for aid and reviews his teaching
PhilemonSent from prison about a runaway slave who is equal to his master in faith
ColossiansAttack on false teachers who tried to pervert Christianity
EphesiansChurch as one body of Christ
1 Timothy, 2 Timothy,TitusThese three letters are called the Pastoral Letters and deal with Church order, organization, doctrine-institutional matters
1 PeterTo encourage persecuted Christians in Asia Minor
JamesWritten about the moral life, mentions confessions and anointing of the sick
JudeWarns strongly against false teahers
1John, 2 John, 3 JohnThese reiterate the teaching on love found in Joh's gospel and warns against false teachers
2 PeterUrges Christians to grow in faith; warns against false teachers
HebrewsAn elegant sermon written to bolster faith; teaches that Jesus is High Priest
RevelationSeven letters addressed to different churches; encourages persecuted Christians to be faithful even to death; lots of symbolism


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