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6th Grade Vocabulary - Chapter 1

apparel(N) clothing that which serves as dress or decoration
apparel(V) to put clothes on, dress up
besiege(V) to attack by surrounding with military forces; to cause worry or trouble
compress(V) to press together; to reduce in size or volume
compress(N) a folded cloth or pad applied to an injury
denounce(V) to condemn openly; to accuse formally
dispatch(V) to send off or out for a purpose, to kill
dispatch(N) an official message; promptness, speed; the act of killing
douse(V) to plunge into a liquid, drench; to put out quickly, extinguish
expressly(ADV) plainly, in so many words; for a particular purpose
famished(ADJ) suffering severley from hunger or from lack of something
forsake(V) to give up, renounce; to leave abandon
gainful(ADJ) profitable; bringing in money or some special advantage
immense(ADJ) very large or great; beyond ordinary means of measurement
inept(ADJ) totally without skill or appropriateness
ingenious(ADJ) showing remarkable originality, inventiveness, or resourcefulness; clever
instantaneous(ADJ) done in an instant; immediate
irk(V) to annoy, trouble, make weary
libel(N) a written statement that unfairly harms the reputation of the person about whom it is made
libel(V) to write or publish a statement that harms a person's reputation
misgiving(N) a feeling of fear, doubt or uncertainty
oaf(N) a stupid person; a big, clumsy, slow individual
recede(V) to go or move backward; to become more distant
repast(N) a meal, food

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