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Chapter 38

Ch 38 vocab Oxford text

cubo, cubare, cubui, cubitumI lie down
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitumI recognize
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditumI betray
abicio, abicere, abieci, abiectumI throw away
complector, compecti, complexus sumI embrace
intueor, intueri, intuitus sumI gaze at
futura -orum, n. pl.the future
vallum -i, nrampart
difficultas, difficultatis, fdifficulty
rus, ruris, nthe country
rurein the country
dirus -a -umterrible, dire
rusticus -a -umrustic, of the country, a countryman
memor, memoris +genremembering, mindful of
immemor, immemoris +genforgetful of
noctuby night
pauluma little
quam primumas soon as possible


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