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Overview ~ Class 2

Vocabulary Words from Class 2

CopyPlaces text on the clipboard while the text remains in its original location.
CutRemoves the text from its current location and places it on the clipboard.
PasteCopies text that has been placed on a clipboard to a new location within the doucment.
Fonts, Sizes, and StylesCan be changed to enhance text.
Word ProcessingTool software that allows documents to be written, edited, formatted, and printed.
SaveThe process of storing a document on a hard drive or on a floppy disk.
Save AsSaving a document for the first time or an existing document with a new file name or to a different location.
MarginsUsed to determine the horizontal and vertical placement of text on a page.
Left AlignmentAligns text flush with left margin ~ right margin is jagged.
Center AlignmentAligns text in the middle of the page.
Right AlignmentAligns text flush with the right margin ~ left margin is jagged.
JustifyAligns text with left and right margins flush.
FileA word processing document.
Bulleted ListUsed to display items of relatively equal importance.
Portrait OrientationDisplays text in which the height of the page is greater than the width.
Landscape OrientationDisplays text in which the width of the page is greater than the height.
Headers/FootersAllows the same text to be placed either at the top or on the bottom of every page of the document.
TabUsed to ident text in a document.
WYSIWYGThe screen shows the appearance of the printed document
HandlesNeeded to move and resize clip art.

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