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Learning About Earth's Geography

Review for Chapter 1 test

vegetationthe natural plant life of a region
precipitationmoisture in the form of rain or snow
geographythe study of the earth and the way people live on it
environmentthe surroundings of a place, including landforms, climate, and natural resources
gazeteera list of countries, states, cities, rivers, lakes, and other places of geographical interest
climatethe pattern of weather that an area has over a long period of time usually descibed in terms of precipitation and temperature
latitudedistance north or south of the equator
tropical climatethe hot climate found in the low latitudes near the equator
temperate climateclimate that is hot in summer and cold in winter
polar climatethe coldest climate found at the high latitudes, furthest from the equator
altitudeheight above sea level
currentswarmer or colder streams of water that flow through the oceans; they can affect the temperature of a region
natural resourceany part of nature that can be useful to people
mineralsnatural substances that are reached by digging into the earth
renewable resourcesresources that can replace or rebuild themselves, like sunlight and water
nonrenewable resourcesresources that can never be renewed or replaced, like metals
high altitudethese usually have cooler temperatures
land30% of the earth's surface is covered by this

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