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Electricity & Magnetism

Middle school level vocabulary words to help you learn about electricity and magnetism

electrical chargeconcentration of electricity
unlike chargesatract one another
like chargesrepel one another
insulatora material in which electrical charges that doesn't move freely
conductora material in which electrical charges do move freely
circuita complete or closed path
currentthe amount of electrical charge that flows past a point in a circuit
potential differencethe change in potential energy divided by the total charge
resistancea property of material that indicates how much energy changes to thermal energy and light as and electrical charge flows through the material
magnetic polesthe two ends of the magnet that point north-south
magnetic fieldthe region around a magnet where the magnetic force acts
induced magnetismmagnetism that occurs only in the presents of the magnetic field
electromagneta magnet made out of nothing more than a current-carrying wire
loudspeakerchanges viriations in electric current into sound waves
electric motoruses an electromagnet to change electric energy into mechanical energy
induced currentan electric current produced by using a magnet
electric generatorenergy of rotation into electric energy
transformersraise or lower the voltage

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