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Greek Mythology Part 3

Identify the gods, goddesses and legendary figures of ancient Greece. (Roman name)

Charonboatman on Styx
Chronospersonification of time
Circesorceress; changed men to swine
Clioa muse
Clytemnestrawife of Agamemnon, whom she slew
Cronus(Saturn)Titan; dethroned by his son Zeus
Cyclopesone-eyed giants
Daedalusbuilder of Labyrinth; father of Icarus
Danaemother of Perseus
Daphnenymph; changed to laurel tree
Demetergoddess of agriculture
Didofounder and queen of Carthage
Dionysus(Bacchus)god of wine
EchoNymph; faded away except for her voice
Elysiumplace of blessed dead
Eos(Aurora)goddess of dawn
Erisgoddess of discord
Eros(Cupid)god of love
Europamortal; taken to Crete by Zeus
Eurydicenymph; wife of Orpheus

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