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2D Shape Vocabulary Practice

trianglethree sides
hexagonsix sides
squarefour sides
pentagonfive sides
equilaterala triangle with all sides and angles the same length
scalenea triangle with all sides different
isoscelesa triangle with one pair of equal sides and one pair of equal angles
parallellines always the same distance apart
horizontallying down
verticalstanding up
anglewhere two lines meet
perpendicularat right angles to another line
acutean angle less than 90°
obtusean angle more than 90°, less than 180°
right-anglean angle of 90°
reflexan angle which is more than 180°
heptagonalseven sided
radiusa line from the centre of a circle to the edge
diametera line from one side of a cricel to the other which goes through the centre
circumferencethe perimeter of a circle
perimeterthe distance around the outside of a shape
areathe space enclosed by the perimeter

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