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Great Cases of the Supreme Court

Match great US Supreme Court cases with the decisions handed down by our nations highest court.

Mapp vs OhioSearch and seizure case
Mapp vs. OhioEnforces the "Exculsionary rule"
Dredd Scott vs. SanfordRuled that slaves are property even in free states
Plessy vs. Ferguson"Seperate but Equal" established
Plessy vs. Fergusonoverturned by Brown vs. Board of Education
Schenck vs. US"Clear and Present Danger" doctrine established
Schenck vs. USPlaced limits on freedom of speech
Marbury vs. MadisonEstablished Judicial Review
Marbury vs. MadisonDecision of the Marshall court
Miranda vs. ArizonaEstablished that the accused must understand his/her rights
Miranda vs. ArizonaEstablished a series of "warnings" at arrest
Giddeon vs. Wainwrightrequired a lawyer to be provided for those that cannot afford one
Brown vs. Board of EducationDesegregated US schools
Brown vs. Board of EducationOverturned "sepertate but equal"
US vs. NY TimesAllowed the publication of the Pentegon Papers
Gregg vs. GeorgiaRuled the death penalty was not "cruel and unusual"
Bakke vs. California RegentsRuled that race cannot be the only factor in school admission
Bakke vs. California Regents"Reverse discrimination" case
McCullough vs. MarylandRuled on the taxing of the National bank
Gibbons vs. OgdenRuled Federal contracts superior to State contracts
US vs. NixonRuled against "Executive Privilage"
Korematsu vs. USRuled that due process can be suspended in wartime
Engle vs. VitaleStruck down school prayers
T.L.O. vs. NJEstablished limits on students protective rights

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