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Survival At Sea

acknowledgeto admit the existence or truth
doomedfated for an unhappy ending, especially death
buoysa float used to mark a channel
collectivea number of persons or things acting as one
destinedto determine beforehand, as if by some force or power over which one has no control
resorta place where people go for rest and relaxation
Haitia republic on the island of Hispaniola, West Indieshispaniola, West
Haitiansresidents of Haiti
charteredhired for exclusive use
dinky-lookingsmall looking
authorityan expert in some field whose opinion is considered reliable
may dayinternational radio-telephone signal word used by airplanes and ships in trouble
concussioninjury to the brain caused by a violent blow or impact
amnesiapartial or total loss of memory caused by injury or shock
bilingualcapable of using two languages
sophomorea student in their second year of high school
hallucinateto see, hear, or otherwise sense something that doesn't really exist
merci beaucoupthank you very much
brinewater that contains lots of salt

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